We acknowledge that there were some problems with the first sample distributed at CES in January this year. We received valuable advice from different countries and we did our best during the last two months to get it fixed completely.

Here are three of the most significant improvements.

1. Case strength
Compared to the sample which is relatively easy to break, the current product is hard, strong and has excellent touch sensitivity.

2. Provide guidance for accurate face recognition
The core technology of Mopic is to keep track of the user’s eye position and always show excellent stereoscopic images. This technology is most effective if the face of the user is completely visible to the camera. We’ve added a guide into the app to show you what and how the camera recognizes the user’s face.

3. Simplified initial setup
There was still some difficulty for users to install a setup program that matched the alignment of smartphone, which is a proprietary technology of Mopic. So we reduced the steps and added a device that makes the setup easier to understand.