MOPIC Light Field Signage
[MOPIC U32A650]

MOPIC Digital Signage is a Glasses-free 3D signage that can be easily viewed under different angles.
You can expect outstanding advertising effects compared to normal digital signage.
Show the good in a more surprising way!

Buy 40 seconds of your customer

Provide your customers with a new viewing experience with this MOPIC digital signage
that can attract attention and gain interest simultaneously.
The viewing time of 3D advertisements are said to have the same length of viewing two TV commercials.
Purchasing MOPIC's 3D digital signage is like buying 40 seconds of your customer's time.

The extra addition to Medium-sized Signage

There is a need of differentiation for Medium/Small-sized signage because it doesn’t attract people’s attention.
We have developed 3D digital signage that attracts people more effectively
and also empowers standard medium/small-sized signage to deliver information more efficiently.

Efficient use with vertical-horizontal hybrids

Depending on the purpose and space, you can switch the signage screen to vertical/horizontal.

Avoid the hassle of creating 3D contents
with our 3D image-making tool

Don’t worry about the costs of creating 3D contents. You can save money and simplify the entire process of making contents.

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Clear stereoscopic effect under any angle

Allowing viewers a 160-degree view range with a minimum of 1m in viewing position distance,
our product provides 3D view with no blind spots. With MOPIC’s 3D digital signage,
the advertisement can grab the viewers attention because they can enjoy the advertisement under any angle.

Provides users bright screen

Our thin and transparent 3D lens allows more than 90% of the display’s light to penetrate,
so it can be used in stores with bright lights with no visual limitations.

Change the good in a more surprising way

This product is a transformation of a 4K monitor into a 3D device that provides a safe and highly qualified display.
You'll be able to enjoy the view without inconveniences in a 2D mode as well.

Managing contents easily

It has excellent compatibility with standard signage systems, so it can easily replace existing systems.

Plug&Play! Easy to Operate

Offering the 3D monitor and the 3D video generating set-top box as a package,
Simply plug in the USB, turn the power on, and the 3D content will automatically generate and play repeatedly.

Diverse methods to use
the 3D Signage in your business

Try placing MOPIC’s 3D digital signage outside the store!
The attention-grabbing 3D advertisement will help lead viewers into your store.
You can use this product in various methods such as a front sign, menu board, or even place it next to a product shelf.

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