MOPIC Signage

MOPIC Signage (or Monitor) is a digital device that provides multiple viewers with immersive visual experiences from any angle for indoor displays as well as outdoor advertising.

Buy 40 seconds of your customers

Provide your customers with an immersive viewing experience with MOPIC Signage that can catch attention and grab interest. The viewing time of immersive advertisements is said to have the same length of viewing two TV commercials. Purchasing MOPIC Signage is like buying 40 seconds of your customers' time.

Avoid the hassle of creating 3D contents
with our MOPIC Creator

Don’t worry about the costs of creating 3D contents. You can save money and simplify the entire process of making 3D contents.

High definition & Wide range

Allowing viewers a 160-degree view with a minimum 1m viewing distance, our product provides a 3D immersive visual experience with no blind spot. With MOPIC Signage, advertisements can grab viewers' attention because the viewers can enjoy the advertisements from a wide angle.

Provide users with a bright screen

Our thin and transparent 3D lens allows more than 90% of the display’s light to penetrate,
so it can be used in stores with bright lights with no visual limitations.

4K resolution displays with the ultimate visual immersion

A high-quality 4K display transforms into a reliable 3D display that provides the ultimate visual immersion. You'll be able to enjoy the display with no inconvenience in 2D as well.

Plug & Play! Easy to Operate

With the 3D monitor and the 3D content generating set-top box equipped as a package, simply plug in the USB, turn the power on, and the 3D content will automatically play repeatedly.

A wide variety of MOPIC Signage usage for your business

Try placing MOPIC Signage outside the store!
Attention-grabbing 3D advertisements will help lead viewers into your store. You can use this product in many ways such as a front sign and a menu board, or even place it next to your product shelf.

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