How does the Snap3D and Mplayer3D work?
In order to view stereoscopic videos, there are two factors to consider: software and hardware. For example, the Mplayer3D, a stereoscopic video plug-in, would be the software, and the Snap3D would be the hardware.

The software (Mplayer3D) plays the role of allowing users to view the smartphone as 3D TV with the naked eye. The hardware (Snap3D case) plays the role of 3D lens, which allows users to view in 3D mode without using 3D glasses or HMD. The Mplayer3D and the Snap3D have the same relationship as a 3D TV with 3D glasses. Hence, users may view stereoscopic videos with the naked eye without the use of a HMD or 3D glasses.
The optimized stereoscopic player with streaming contents
Mplayer3D is an optimized stereoscopic player application. By attaching the Snap3D onto the front screen of the smartphone, users may view 3D videos and experience the liveliness of 3D videos uploaded on YouTube without using 3D glasses.

[Available video formats]
Normal 3D FSBS / Normal 3D HSBS / 3D VR180 TB / 3D VR360 TB / 2D VR180 TB / 2D VR360 TB / TB
30 times per sec,
Swift and agile eye-tracking
MOPIC has developed the Eye-tracking technology that analyzes the user's eyesight position 30 times per second. Based on this function, our technology can trace our user's eyesight to continuously provide a stable stereoscopic view.

MOPIC holds enhanced technology and highly skilled knowledge of quickly identifying the user's position in real-time. Instead of identifying if the object in front is real human's face, our technology quickly analyzes if it's a face, then swiftly identifies the location of the eyes and adjusts the stereoscopic view. In other words, it's an AI technology that identifies the position of the human eyes. The tracing speed at which this technology identifies the eyes is 30 times per second. Since a smartphone camera operates at 30FPS, our technology fully utilizes every frame to capture and trace the eyes. The accuracy of tracing the eye is below 5mm of deviation. It is very accurate.
  • This technology uses the position of the chin, lips, nose, and other parts of the face as landmarks to help identify the eye's position, Once, it has identified the location of the eyes, it reconfirms by tracing the ears and eyebrows, so it can display the best stereoscopic view. All the processes mentioned above occurs 30 times per second in your smartphone.
Overview of the Mplayer3D
Download the Mplayer3D for free in App Store/Google Play. Open 3D/VR videos/images in your smartphone and view in 3D stereoscopic mode.
  • The YouTube channel is connected once the user runs the application. Users may view 3D/VR videos uploaded on YouTube in stereoscopic 3D mode. If a YouTube channel holds 3D/VR videos, users may add the YouTube channel in the list.
Mplayer3D can be applied in various areas.