Mplayer3D A 3D media player, Mplayer3D enables users to watch 3D video and 3D VR (360/180) video.
Users can enjoy 3D video without 3D glasses using Mplayer3D after pairing smartphone with Snap3D.
Perfect 3D Player Mplayer3D is designed with Eye-tracking/Real-time Rendering technology.
As it relocates video real-time by tracking viewers' perspective,
users can enjoy clear and outstanding 3D video in all angles.
3D Converting
Mconverter3D is a solution that provides 3D(Stereoscopic) output of games and applications that are linked with Mplayer3D. It can be applied in various areas as users can use touch screen while watching 3D contents.
  • • 3D game: Mconverter3D provides 3D stereoscopic image from 3D graphic made by Unity. 3D graphic can be converted real time into stereoscopic image by separating left and right views from 3D graphics, and it can be watched into Mplayer3D into Snap3D with own mobile device.
    • 3D AR: Reprocessing virtually designed 3D images with Mconverter3D, it enables realistic 3D graphic.
3D video in any VOD platform service can be watched real-time by linked with Mplayer3D.
  • • Streaming service: Users can enjoy 3D video on YouTube real-time using Mplayer3D.
    • VR live streaming service: Real-time broadcasting shooting by 3D VR camera can be watched in 3D.
Mplayer3D can be applied in various areas.