Close-to-reality Immersive Visual Experience

We view the world in 3D. Each eye visualizes reality in different angles,
while our brain analyzes the image processed through the eyes to create stereoscopic depth of the objects in front of us.
MOPIC Personal System provides a very natural, close-to-reality experience through our naked eye.

No need for special glasses
for immersive visual experiences

MOPIC designs its own lenticular lens, made of PET glass. The lens’ material properties, such as strength, thickness, transmittance, and weight, make it more customizable and cost-efficient than the parallax barrier while retaining much of the original brightness.

Immersive visual experiences provided in real-time,
and delivered most immersively with MOPIC’s eye tracking technology

MOPIC utilizes its deep learning model to detect and track a single user’s eyes efficiently, 60 times per second. Enabled by its eye tracking technology, MOPIC can deliver immersive visual experiences, optimized in real-time in line with the user’s viewing position.

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