Close-to-reality Visual Experience

We view the world in 3D. Each eye visualizes reality in different angles,
while our brain analyzes the image processed through the eyes to create stereoscopic depth of the objects in front of us.
MOPIC's 3D Monitor provides a very natural, close-to-reality experience through our naked eye.

Process to view in stereoscopic mode

By generating the 3D video (SBS format) on the MOPIC board,
it will automatically convert and play the video to perfectly fit MOPIC's 3D monitor.
At the same time, the camera will track the user's eye position and provide a stereoscope view based on the tracked eye positon.

Offering a clear stereoscopic view from any angle

The camera tracks the user's viewing position 30 times per second, and once it located the viewing position,
it will automatically consistently adjust to perfectly fit the user's stereoscopic view in real-time.

Use of 3D lenticular lens

MOPIC uses 3D lenticular lens in producing 3D screens.
It is able to transmit 90% of the light from the display, there are minimal resolution issues when viewing 3D videos.

Convenient demonstration
of created 3D contents (Stand-alone)

Without the need of connecting a PC, you can easily visualize completed 3D contents.
Simply, plug in the USB with 3D videos to the MOPIC board, and connect the MOPIC board with the 3D monitor.

Instructions on using Stand-alone

Without the need of connecting a PC, you can easily visualize completed 3D contents.

Convenient working environment
for stereoscopic-related tasks (Input)

After connecting the MOPIC board to the PC, once you connect the MOPIC board to the monitor,
you will be able to view the Side-by-Side 3D video in stereopsis* vision.
You will be able to create a convenient working environment,
in which you can see 3D design, videos, games, and other visualization tasks in stereoscopic view instantly.

*also known as "Binocular Vision", the perception of depth created by the reception in the brain from combining both eyes.

Instructions on using Input (for PC)

You can connect your PC with the 3D monitor through Input.

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