Close-to-reality Visual Experience
MOPIC 3D Monitor

A personal display, based on accurate eye-tracking technology, that allows user's full immersion under any circumstance.
The product is a transformation of a 4K monitor into a 3D device that provides a safe and highly qualified display.
By connecting the 3D monitor with a PC through an HDMI cable, users may visualize the data that’s currently being processed in real-time stereoscopic 3D view. The 3D monitor may also be used in stand-alone mode without being connected to the PC.
* Components: 3D monitor, Camera, Set-top box (PC - not included)

Convert Side-by-side videos
into stereoscopic 3D videos in real-time

Experience a work environment where you can easily visualize 3D designs, videos, game prototypes instantly!

Offering a clear stereoscopic view
from any angle

MOPIC’s Eye-tracking technology traces the user’s viewing position 30 times per second.
After locating the viewer’s position, our technology perfectly adjusts
the 3D content to fit the user’s eyesight through real-time rendering.
As long as the user stays within the camera's visual angle, the stereoscopic quality will be clear.

Simplified Design and Innovative Price

MOPIC’s 3D monitor is designed by attaching lenticular lens to the monitor.
Our 3D lenticular lens are transparent and has an excellent display light penetration rate,
which reduces the deterioration of resolution quality.
Our 3D screen’s barrier type has a price competency of 1/10 compared to other competitors.

Guaranteed hardware quality

By using Samsung’s 4K monitor as our hardware, we build trust with our customers by guaranteeing quality.