Close-to-reality Visual Experience
MOPIC 3D Monitor

A personal display, based on accurate eye-tracking technology, that allows user's full immersion under any circumstance.
By connecting the 3D monitor with a PC through an HDMI cable, users may visualize the data
that’s currently being processed in real-time stereoscopic 3D view.
The 3D monitor may also be used in stand-alone mode without being connected to the PC.

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Be the first to experience
the latest in 3D technology!

We urge you to pre-order at our early-bird price!

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Show the good in a more surprising way!
MOPIC Light Field Signage

MOPIC Digital Signage is a Glasses-free 3D signage that can be easily viewed under different angles.
You can expect outstanding advertising effects compared to normal digital signage.

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Embodying Case Innovation, Snap3D

Snap3D is a unique smartphone case that converts your smartphone into a 3D device.
If attached onto the front screen, Snap3D will convert your smartphone screen into 3D.

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Let your tablet bloom
Mobile 3DVR Viewer - HoloGlass

HoloGlass is a unique 3D film that converts your tablet into a 3D/VR device.
If attached onto the front screen, HoloGlass will convert your tablet screen into 3D.
Without the need of 3D glasses or HMD, users may easily demonstrate
a close-to-reality visual of business-related 3D contents such as 3D modeling, 3D graphics, etc.

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