A unique, Never-seen-before
Stereoscopic 3D solution provided by MOPIC
You might even think that it's a term used to describe 3D products that remained in its experimental stage, which is inconvenient and basically all there is to 3D. However, MOPIC decided to pursue its research, specializing in 3D, and we are consistently developing new products. Why? Because stereoscopic 3D technology will never cease, and because the stereoscopic 3D view that the naked eye owns shouldn't be limited to 2D view for its entire lifespan!
the word that describes MOPIC
MOPIC is a company that has been established by developers specialized in 3D technology. The company was founded by researchers who focused on 3D stereoscopic devices in Samsung Electronics and have the sole purpose of facing new challenges within the 3D stereoscopic technology. Since 2015, we have been solely focusing on one purpose, which is to develop a device as great as the HMD and convenient as 2D. As a result of our endless effort, we have received the CES Innovation award, and Snap3D has gained worldwide acknowledgement.