MOPIC registered SMAPP!

 *SMAPP(Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program)

We are pleased to announce that MOPIC has been registered with SMAPP(Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program) and has become an official partner of Samsung Electronics.

 We aim to offer a glasses-free 3D solution on mobile devices at an affordable price to provide users with a seamless, flexible and comfortable 3D viewing experience, by partnering with Samsung Electronics.
 Our partnership goal is to make 3D videos accessible to every Galaxy devices user to enjoy watching 3D.

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March 2017, All-new Snap3D!

We acknowledge that there were some problems with the first sample distributed at CES in January this year. We received valuable advice from different countries and we did our best during the last two months to get it fixed completely.

Here are three of the most significant improvements.

1. Case strength
Compared to the sample which is relatively easy to break, the current product is hard, strong and has excellent touch sensitivity.

2. Provide guidance for accurate face recognition
The core technology of Mopic is to keep track of the user's eye position and always show excellent stereoscopic images. This technology is most effective if the face of the user is completely visible to the camera. We've added a guide into the app to show you what and how the camera recognizes the user's face.

3. Simplified initial setup
There was still some difficulty for users to install a setup program that matched the alignment of smartphone, which is a proprietary technology of Mopic. So we reduced the steps and added a device that makes the setup easier to understand.

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NOW available on

Put Snap3D case, which is a 3D viewer, on the front of the mobile and download and install the 3D engine 'Mplayer3D' app from the App Store or Play Store for free.
Mopic's amazing 3D works only when Snap3D and Mplayer3D are together.

Once installed, the M Player will start a calibration process in order to map the position of the image, the 3D screen, and your eyes.
Following the on-screen guides is simple. The orientation is then automatically adjusted to present the most accurate 3D images.  

Mobile 3D, to infinity and beyond

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Put on the MOPIC Snap3D Case to instantly bring your phone or tablet to life. The best 3D quality will pop off the screen.


3D glasses are inconvenient and uncomfortable. With Snap3D Case, there’s no need for funny looking glasses. On top of this your eyes won’t get tired and you will never experience dizziness.


MOPIC’s Snap3D Case serves double duty. It’s both a protective case and a 3D viewer, which is about the same price as an ordinary protective case.


Our initial focus at MOPIC is on making glasses-free 3D video accessible to everyone. Any 3D video you can download or stream to your phone will work with MOPIC. Future applications for MOPIC include feature films, animation, adult entertainment, video games, mapping, 3D navigation and augmented reality.

Movies / Animations

You can enjoy your favorite movies in 3D anywhere, anytime.
MOPIC’s Mplayer3D plays any type of video.

Mobile games

Most games are already created with 3D engine, making it easy to convert to 3D in real time. With MOPIC, mobile games feel as real as they get.

Adult Entertainment

MOPIC offers an immersive experience, making you feel one with what’s on your screen.

In-car Navigation

It’s hard to figure out your way around with 2D arrows on screen. MOPIC gives a sense of spatial depth to the navigation.

3D Mapping

We present more easily perceivable direction and distance on screen, so you don’t have to be confused with all the numbers. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality isn’t only for home. Our Snap3D is the most mobile and compatible device for AR.

How it all began


Our founders began researching 3D screen technology while at Samsung Electronics in 2012. They later spun off to pursue wider applications with in the 3D content ecosystem. MOPIC was formed in Oct. 2015 to focus on the glasses-free 3D screen cases.


Where we are going


Our vision at MOPIC is to make 3D videos as accessible as 3D audio. All you need to experience 3D audio is a pair of stereo headphones. All you need to experience 3D video is MOPIC.


Interested in MOPIC?

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible.

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